To invite people to join Heinz’s Cooking Contest we launch a 360 “Increase your Fan Club”campaign.

Heinz’s Cooking Contest


This spots are about very famous people that everyone recognize but nobody knows about. They realized that and all decided to join Heinz’s Cooking Contest to increase theis Fan Club.

We haven’t translated yet, but I think you’d get the idea:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Well, sure you won’t not recognize me, but you might get a hint when you listen something like:
In a world where all men are heroes, comes a man to change it all”
or this:
“In this summer comes to your cinema a story you’ve never seen before”
or the classic intro:
“Mel Gibson, Arnold Swarchzenegger, and Whoopy Goldberg in…”
Do you remember me? I’m the movie trailer guy, but no one seems to recognize me.
Now I want to be famous for real, that’s why I’ve decided to send my original recipe to the 2nd Heinz’s Cooking Contest.
For more information of how to increase your fan club visit:
  1. Movie Trailers’s voice

  2. Phone Company’s Voice

  3. Parking Ticket Machines’s voice

  4. Elevator’s voice

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