Energizer Flashligths – Spotlight (2010)

Smirnoff Ice’s Taxi Service (2009)

When you Drink, Cabs look a lot better.

black taxi 4

black taxi 1

black taxi 2

Brand Campaign for Smirnoff Ice Social Responsability  (2009)

Unicef’s Fictional Brand: Maternal (2009)

The best ever product for your baby

Brand Campaign for a fictional Unicef’s product: Breast Milk


Picture 2


Picture 1


Brand Campaign for a fictional Unicef’s product: Breast Milk

Smirnoff Black Ice (2009)

Show What You’Re Made OF

Brand Campaign for DIAGEO’s Smirnoff Black Ice Latin America

2 Bronzes El Ojo de Iberoamérica 2009 – PRINT – Alcoholic Beverages

Picture 3

Picture 5

Picture 4


Farmatodo & I

Brand Campaign for Farmatodo (2009)

Farmatodo is the biggest 24/7 Retail Drugstore/Convenience Store in Venezuela, leader in its category and nowdays has become a truthful ally to the venezuelan women.

aviso 24 h 2


Best Pharmaceutical Campaign – PREMIOS P&M (2009)



Brand Campaign for Merthiolate / Laboratorios Vargas (2007) that I create and illustrate.

Wounds Happen

It has no logo providing that our our client didn’t have enough budget to launch our ads. Sadly, a year later we declare the campaign dead.



Choosen as the top 50 Killed Ideas of the 2009

Amnesty Internation – March 21th

Amnesty International: Slavery

Amnesty International: Conquest

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