Crowdfunding a Skyscrapper

It’s a way to turn common colombians into real skyscraper’s investors and to get the building built without the help of tycoons, corporations or government.

Turning an 853 feet tall building, with an investment cost of 120 million dollars, into a product that is affordable to people, we can finance the skyscraper and can give people the opportunity to play a leading role in the future of Bogotá.

By dividing the skyscraper into thousands of identical tangible parts, the BD Bacatá could be financed, not by 3 tycoons, but by over 3.000 ordinary Colombians.

We called every part of the building as FiDis, and we offer the consumers the greatest possible amount of information in every channel within our reach, from a conference with experts to an advertising campaign, to explain everyone how any common and ordinary person may become, for first time in his live, an investor.

BreastMilk is now a brand

We made a logo, a package and a whole advertising campaign to promote BreastMilk as a brand, in order to compete hand by hand, advertisingly speaking, against all the artificial formulas in the market.

Breastmilk Adage

Through decades, breastfeeding, the best and more natural way to feed our newborns and babies, is being replaced by artificial milks produced by corporation like Nestle, that have logos, direct marketing, promos and advertising ads all over the media and points of purchase.

Nature now is the underdog.

Is a David versus Goliath kind of fight, that is why we are arming David with a Bazooka.

As soon BreastMilk enters in the marketing business, competition will have no chance.

LecheMaterna’s Packaging

It has nothing on it but information about Breast feeding, tips, pros and popular myths about Breast Milk. It’s a brochure with the shape of a package

Picture 4And here its how it looks in retail.

Por primera vez Leche Materna se enfrenta a las industrias, tomando los anaqueles y competiendo en su propio terreno.

Media Coverage

Smirnoff  Black Ice’s Cab Service

“Dont Drink and Drive” is a message repeated to often.Now, we are giving the direct option making an advertisement, not for the Public Message, but the Taxi Service.

Venezuela is a country with big issues in drinking driving. Police are not effective at all, and a lack of proper public transportaty, expensive taxis and insecurity makes driving to club and compulsory act.

With Smirnoff  Black Ice’s Cab Service we are making a promo to help users get into taxis and inviting them to have fun and leave their cars at home.


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